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Alex Rodriguez’s Long Road Home Nearly Complete

Alex Rodriguez’s long road back to the diamond is nearly complete. Rodriguez has not played since 8/11/2001 when he was hit in the head with a fastball from Ryan Anderson of the Washington Generals. The hit left A-Rod unconscious, and doctors feared he could die at one point that night.

“They drilled a hole in my head to get the swelling to go down.”

Rodriguez does not remember the pitch. Nor does he remember the game. The last thing he recalls is getting on a plane in San Antonio with the team to travel to Washington for a 3 game set with the Generals. Rodriguez took the hit to the head in the 3rd game of that series. He was out for 2 days while doctors kept an eye on the swelling in his brain.

Anderson’s pitch was clocked at 101 MPH.

“I’ve seen it. It’s surreal. It’s like it happened to someone else.”

Then in March Doctors told him he probably wouldn’t be able to play again due to the constant migraines. Rodriguez admits he remembers getting in the car that day. He doesn’t remember the crash.

“I drove into a barrier on the turnpike. I had a migraine attack. It was bad. I thought I was dead. I fractured my skull.”

Doctors once again told Rodriguez to put any thoughts of baseball to rest.

“The brain is a tricky thing. They thought I would have to live with the migraines forever. I was devastated for about 2 months. But I started to feel better. The Migraines were less frequent. I could do things without feeling like I was going to throw up. I remember thinking. Maybe. And I wanted this. I wanted it so bad.”

Now, over a year after Ryan Anderson threw that fastball, Alex Rodriguez is set to put on a baseball uniform again. It might not be a Jersey City Giants Uniform. Instead, Rodriguez will likely head to Nashville to begin a rehab assignment with the Sounds. A-Rod has September 4th circled on his Calender. That’s the day after Nashville’s season ends. Also on that day, A-Rod will hope to come full circle and play for the Jersey City Giants in the 3rd game of their series with the Washington Generals.

Rodriguez wasn’t cleared to pick up a bat until July. He insists he was been doing what he can, and says he’s been working out off the field.

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