Kindelan Looking towards Future?


GM Trigg Hasn't made effort to resign Stars' Kindelan
GM Trigg Hasn’t made effort to resign Stars’ Kindelan

Is Orestes Kindelan willing to resign with the Hollywood Stars? While the 30 year old Cuban slugger did miss nearly a month of the season with a sprained ankle, he’s since come back and has continued to dominate league pitching. Kindelan is also reportedly demanding a large contract in order to remain in Hollywood. GM Marlon Trigg Sr. has remained mum on Kindelan’s future with the franchise. Reports indicate the two sides have had very little contact since the season began.

“They haven’t talked.” was the general word out of the Stars organization. Trigg himself was unavailable to speak to the media, since he’s been on a pleasure cruise for most of the season. This begs the question are the Stars willing to let Kindelan walk? Is Trigg coasting on fumes, and what does Owner Bill Gates have to say about the Stars GM’s lackadaisical command style thus far?

Kindelan is sure to command a large payday, however,in their month without him they proved they could win games without him. Kindelan will surely command an extravagant amount on the free agent market if Trigg lets him walk. With teams fighting over Kindelan, the Stars could potentially sign some of the other big ticket Free Agents that could potentially be on the market such as Jim Thome, Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez or… Trigg’s potential #1 target Mike Piazza. Of course, the MLB will also be a factor in next years Free Agent Market, and it will be Trigg’s first test against the big boys of the MLB. The Stars play in one of the toughest markets in baseball with the Dodgers, Angels, A’s, Padres, Giants and the ULB’s San Jose Jedi nearby.

Trigg also has a hated Rival in the Washington Generals GM Josh Allenberg who will likely be looking to make Trigg pay dearly for the players he values most.

One way or the other, Trigg will have his work cut out for him this offseason, if he ever returns from his four month long pleasure cruise, that is.

Boston’s New Revolution


The Union League is now four months into it’s existence, and it’s fair to say that the league has surprised many baseball fans based solely on the fact that it is still standing. On face value alone, some critics said that the league wouldn’t survive, even with MLB’s Union woes, pun absolutely intended. Here we’ll take a look at one model franchise and compare them to their MLB doppelgangers.

Boston Colonials, AVG Attendance: 24,666
Boston Red Sox, AVG Attendance: 19,377

Colonials Ballpark has attracted fans to the ULB's Boston Franchise.
Colonials Ballpark has attracted fans to the ULB’s Boston Franchise.

The Colonials have benefited greatly by the Red Sox nearly 40% decline in ticket sales due to the strike and a fan base that was disgusted with the team in 1994. Both teams lead their divisions currently, though the Colonials are locked in a tight race with the Houston Apollos. On paper, the Colonials should be a franchise struggling to survive in a market with one of the most loyal fan bases on the planet.

The Colonials could be compared with the MLB’s Mets, who successfully took a chunk out of the Yankees sails early in their infancy. The Colonials have a good look and picked up players in free agency that while they aren’t superstars, were perfect marketing material in the Boston area. Combine that with the teams first round pick in minor league journeyman Darryl Brinkley (selected with the second pick) and several smart pickups in the draft, and the Colonials had the tools to compete out of the gate.

GM Steve Horner knew that in order for the Colonials to survive against a Red Sox team with a longstanding ingrained fan base, the Colonials would have to put everything together NOW. If the Colonials struggled or failed to attract a fan base, owner Warren Buffett might cut ties with the league, or even outright move the team.

Luckily, that hasn’t happened. Maybe the Red Sox will move instead.

ULB Most Popular Jerseys Data Released

The ULB has released sales data from the first 2 months of sales, and some of the results are suprising. Bo Jackson leads all sales, while former Bulls star Michael Jordan continues a torid pace. Two ULB born stars in Aguilar and Brinkley are also in the top five, while Houston Mark Leiter finishes out the list.

Fernandomania has made a comeback in the ULB in 1995.
Fernando-mania has made a comeback in the ULB in 1995.

“Certainly, Aquilar and Brinkley are helped a bit by their large markets. But it’s really helping the league by having select jerseys sold at all team stores. Currently, the Jordan jersey is one of the leading sellers at 13 of the 16 team stores in the league.”

The sales list does not include jerseys and team t-shirts sold by mail or through Nike (Portland Jersey’s only) Adidas, or Foot Locker.

1. Bo Jackson – SJ
2. Michael Jordan – COL
3. Enrique Aguilar – HOL
4. Darryl Brinkley – BOS
5. Mark Leiter – HOU
6. Larry Walker – WAS
7. Orel Hershiser – POR
8. Brett Butler – SLC
9. Dale Murphy – NO
10. Steven Ferrante – BRO
11. Orestes Kindelan – HOL
12. Nolan Ryan, SJ
13. Rich Gossage, COL
14. Fernando Valenzuela – HOU
15. Mitch Williams, NJ
16. Bob Tewksbury – LV
17. Kyle Billingsly – BUF
18. Koji Akiyama – PHO
19. Kenneth Payne – HOL
20. Brian Constandas – VAN

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