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Jersey City, Brooklyn to Wear NYPD, PAPD Caps

Jersey City Native Jose Rosado

The Jersey City Giants will don Port Authority Police Department Caps for tonight’s game vs the Portland Pioneers. The Brooklyn Bridges will don New York Police Department Caps in memory of the lives lost by both departments. The New York Yankees will also Don NYPD caps, while the New York Mets will be wearing NYFD caps over in the MLB as well.

7 World Trade Center Collapses

7 World Trade Center Before Collapse

7 World Trade Center has collapsed due to damage sustained by the fall of the Twin Towers. The Building was evacuated after the fall of the first Tower. The building was severely damaged and caught fire during the fall of the second tower. The building contained New York’s emergency operations center, operated by the NYC Office of Emergency Management, originally intended to respond to disasters such as the attacks on the Twin Towers. Due to the emergency personnel having more than enough time to evacuate the building since the collapse of the North Tower, there are no injuries or deaths as a result of the collapse.

President Gore meeting with full National Security Council

President Al Gore is in a meeting with the National Security Council at this time. Vice President Lieberman spoke to the press, calling the attacks an ‘Act of War upon the United States.’ and that ‘We will respond in due time.’ Senator Orrin Hatch told the media that ‘Both the FBI and our intelligence community believe that this is Bin Laden’s signature.’

Bin Laden’s terror network bombed the World Trade Center in 1998.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that firefighters are working on the fire at the Pentagon, and that the Government there is still functioning at full capacity.


AA, United Confirm loss of Planes, US airspace clear says FAA

American Airlines has confirmed the loss of two aircraft, Flight 11 and Flight 77. United Airlines has confirmed the loss of Flight 93, and is deeply concerned about Flight 175. The FAA says that the airspace over the 48 contiguous United States is clear of all commercial and private flights. Los Angeles International Airport, the intended destination of Flight 11, 77 and 175 is now closed. San Francisco International Airport is now closed as well, it was the intended destination of Flight 93.