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2008 ULB All Stars Voting Winners Announced

The 2008 ULB All Star Game Voting Period has ended, and here are the winners for the  14th edition of the ULB Classic.


Players League

C Alfonso Delgado PHO
1B Alex Crooks OKC
2B Gerard King LV
3B John McCurdy SJJ
SS Stephen Drew CHA
OF Josh Hamilton MIL
OF Mark Folsom CHA
OF Ichiro Suzuki LV
DH Kenneth Payne PHO

Federal League

C Andy Burress WAS
1B Eron Morrow POR
2B C.J. Henry NO
3B Mark Schramek JC
SS Mike Peeples SJS
OF Jason Kubel LAS
OF Jason Harrison SL
OF Albert Pujols HOU
DH Jody Gerut JC

Washington Nets #1 Overall Pick

The Washington Senators have netted the #1 overall pick in the 2008 ULB Draft Lottery. The Senators will have the first selection for the first time in team history, despite finishing in the bottom of the standing for well over a decade. The Senators .408 winning percentage is the worst in ULB History thus far, but returning GM Josh Allenberg is looking to change that.

Allenberg reportedly called the Senators ‘a stinking mess’ and that he had work to do to fix things in Washington. Allenberg said that like Presidental Canidate Barrack Obama, he is looking to bring ‘Hope and Change’ to the Senators organization.

The #2 pick in the draft will go to the Milwaukee Brewers and the #3 pick will belong to the Phoenix Fire.

Push For The Union Cup Playoffs Begins

The ULB has entered the month of August, and we are now just 57 days away from the end of the 2007 regular season. The trade deadline has passed, and while teams may still be able to acquire players through waivers, rosters appear to be set for the time being. The Players League has one of the tightest races in recent memory right now, with the St. Paul Saints leading the division.

Nelson Gil Santovenia is 15-3 this season and looking to lead the Jedi to the Playoffs.
Nelson Gil Santovenia is 15-3 this season and looking to lead the Jedi to the Playoffs.

The San Jose Jedi are just 1.5 games behind them in the standings, and the Las Vegas Vipers are 2.5 games behind the Saints. All three of them could be heading to the playoffs, with Oklahoma City a distant dark horse in the playoff race at 5 games back.

Currently, the Charlotte Eagles remain in 1st place in the PL Eastern Division, with the Milwaukee Brewers nipping at their heels, 6 games back. The Eagles just lost 4 time All Star Gus Harrison to a fractured knee that will end his season, and reportedly has Eagles management panicking behind the scenes. The club was active at the trade deadline, adding Tagg Bozied and Robb Nen to their roster.

Both the Brewers and Eagles are aiming for their first playoff spot. The Brewers have not made the playoffs since joining the league in 2001, and the Eagles are looking to become the next expansion team to join the postseason club. Of the four expansion teams in league history, only the Oklahoma City RedHawks have made it to the postseason, leaving the Brewers, Eagles and New Mexico Suns in the dust.

Over in the Federal League, the Jersey City Giants are once again the Kings of the Eastern Division, but the reborn New Orleans Pelicans are taking flight and nipping at their heels at 3.5 games back. The Los Angeles Stars are leading the Western Division. If they both manage to hold on to their divisions, it would mark the first time since 1995 that both the Stars and Giants won their respective divisions. In 1995, they were the New Jersey Giants and the Hollywood Stars, and the Giants would go on to lose the Union Cup to the Vancouver Canucks, who are now the St. Paul Saints.

The Stars have the Salt Lake City Bees looking to make sure this does not happen, and they trail Los Angeles by 3.5 games in the West. Both the Bees and Pelicans are holding on to the Wild Card spots at the moment. The Portland Mavericks and the 2007 Union Cup Champion Buffalo Blizzard are trailing in the Wild Card standings, 3 and 3.5 games back respectively.

With just two months to go, who will be heading to the postseason? Time will tell.

Who will Win The Players League Eastern Division?

Could Juan Pierre and the Eagles Surprise the League in 2007?
Could Juan Pierre and the Eagles Surprise the League in 2007?

Who will Win the Players League Eastern Division in 2007?Brooklyn has won the Division 4 times. The Colonials match that total with 4 titles to their name. The Crickets have 3 titles to their name, and the Brewers and Eagles have never won since joining the league in 2001 and 2004 respectively. The Houston Apollos won the Division twice before being moved to the Federal League in 2004.

Schilling on Steroid Hearings

Curt Schilling thinks tougher testing is a good idea.
Curt Schilling thinks tougher testing is a good idea.

I think the whole basis for the hearing or the arguments in the congressional side were that our program was a joke. And you heard the medical people talk to that effect. I just think when you try to gloss over something with such broad sweeping strokes you miss the details, which I think is the issue.”

-Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Curt Schilling on the Congressional Hearings

Thome, Edmonds, Bonds Headline 2002 Trade Deadline Talks

Thome is hitting .282 with 23 HR this season


The ULB enters into the final 4 weeks before the Trade Deadline today, and it could be an interested few weeks. The San Jose Jedi have put 1B/DH Jim Thome on the trade block, as well as OF Haywood Cook, as they are likely considering their season all but over. The Oklahoma City RedHawks continue to shop OF Jim Edmonds as they continue to build for the future. The Apollos were looking to deal OF Barry Bonds early in the season, but one has to wonder if they would still consider moving him considering they are now in the thick of things in the PL East.

The buyers this season would appear to be the Crickets, Apollos, Fire and Canucks in the Players League, with Milwaukee a question mark. In the Federal League, the Gold Sox and Generals are neck and neck, and the DireWolves lead the Pioneers by 3 games. The Giants could be considered a dark horse, and one wonders if Ryan Huff can survive another offseason without a championship with the Donald breathing down his neck.

Players League 2002 All Star Game Voting Update #2

The 2002 ULB ASG will be played in Washington, DC on the 4th of July.

The 2002 ULB All Star Game is approaching, and less than a week remains to vote for Starters. While the Federal League has several races that are tight, the Players League features a few run away contests. All but locked in are Houston’s Barry Bonds at DH and Phoenix’s Kenneth Payne at 1B. The Vipers’ Aubrey Huff is also running away from the pack at 3B. The closest races are catcher, with Pierzynski currently holding off San Jose’s Tyler Houston and Oklahoma City’s Michael Barrett. Brooklyn’s Wayne Edwards is running a close 4th in the outfield contest, with Jim Edmonds trailing him by a few votes. The biggest race appears to be Starting Pitcher, where Mike Mussina has the slimmest of leads over Phoenix’s Andy Yount, and Milwaukee’s Dan Guehne who is 11-0 on the season now. Pedro Luis Lazo and Curt Schilling are also in the thick of it, but one wonders what kind of perfect storm it would take for one of them to leap over the pack. In the Reliever standings, the Fire’s Eric Glaser remains on top, with Houston’s Dave Gil, Vancouver’s duo of Chuck Crowder and Trever Miller and the Jedi’s Mike Gunderson hot on his heels.

Current Leaders:

DH Barry Bonds (HOU)

C A.J. Pierzynski (COL)

1B Kenneth Payne (PHO)

2B D’Angelo Jimenez (BOS)

3B Aubrey Huff (LV)

SS Jun Yamada (COL)

OF Shannon Carter (VAN)

OF Jason Harrison (COL)

OF Ichiro Suzuki (VAN)

SP Mike Mussina (VAN)

RP Eric Glaser (PHO)