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Union League Baseball First Ten: Mike Peeples

With our third selection of the ULB’s First Ten, we’ve selected the best Second Baseman from the first ten years of the ULB’s history. This one was a pretty easy selection.

Peeples was named to the All Star Game in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Peeples was named to the All Star Game in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Second Base : Mike Peeples (San Antonio Wolves 1997-1999, San Antonio DireWolves 2000-2003, San Juan Storm 2004)

Peeples led all Second basemen in nearly every  hitting category of note. The young 20 year old Peeples debuted in 1997, and has never looked back. The 5th overall pick in the inaugural draft, Peeples came to the San Antonio Franchise straight out of Clay High School in  Green Grove Springs, Florida.  The 6 time All Star was also named the Federal League MVP in 2003 after hitting .320 with 47 home runs and a league record 179 runs batted in. He is also among the elite fielders in the league, and was named a Fielding Bible award winner in 2000.

Peeples current General Manager, Wally Tims,  is clearly enamored with his star player.

“What can you say about this guy? Well Mike has a combination of Power (Averaged 41 Doubles and 35 Homers) and Speed (averaged 22 Stolen Bases) over his ULB career. Mike has also been an asset on the field with good defensive skills especially at his second base position. During his career he has been and still is a force to be feared by his opponents.”

Peeples was the clear winner at second base, and will likely continue to be a ‘force to be feared’ for the future. He led the Storm to the Union Cup in 2004, and could very well collect more moments with the Cup before his career is over.

The Storm ended prematurely

It would be easier to list where the Storm were NOT first in their league statistical categories but for the sake of impact let’s create the list.  First in:

Batting Average, OBP, SLG, OBP+SLG (big surprise), Runs, Hits, X-tra base hits, HR’s.  That’s just the offense.  On the mound they were first in ERA, Bullpen ERA, and Runs allowed.

Key Players:

Derek ‘Bam Bam’ Baker  .287/.371/.554  (scored 102 batting in 118)

Carl Sawyer  .323/.380/.485 (scored 100 runs)

Andruw Jones  .304/.354/.460  (6 OF assists)

Riley Robinson 17-7/.341/1.03 WHIP

Chris Russ  5-5/37 saves/2.99 ERA

With all this firepower still the Storm could not escape the first round of the playoffs.  On their home field with the series tied at 3 games apiece the league championship seemed theirs for the taking.  But Game 7 dealt a fatal blow in the first frame as New Orleans scored 6 runs and the Storm would never recover as the final score was 13-2.

Maybe the only area of dominance that San Juan was lacking in may have been defense.  To that end minor league free agent 26 year old Vernon Maxwell who will leave the home run hitting to Bam Bam but the speedster will own CF and anything close to it as he brings gold glove talent to the Storm outfield.  He covers ground like an antelope, makes very few errors, and is armed with a cannon.  At the plate he runs, he steals, he bunts, and other teams will come to know him as a pest.

So, the UBL is likely to get another dose of the immense talents of the San Juan Storm again in 2003.  The Storm fans are geeked as attendance increased last year and will likely push the capacity of 36,750 each and every home game.


Federal League Cup Recap: Games 1 & 2

The San Antonio DireWolves are tied up at 1 game a piece heading into Game 3 against the defending Union Cup Champions, the New Orleans Gold Sox. Here’s what happened in games 1 and 2.

Game 1 saw the Gold Sox once again exploding early as they took an early 6 run lead. Tom Brady went deep for a 2 run Home Run in the 1st inning against DireWolves starter Omal Daal. In the 2nd inning, it was Arturo McDowell who hit another 2 run dinger to run the score to 4-0. The Direwolves got on the board when Albenis Machado drove in Gus Harrison in the 3rd against 2001 Nolan Ryan Award winner Gen Sueyoshi. Wilfredo Quintana put the Gold Sox up 6-1 with the Sox 3rd 2 run Home Run of the game in the 4th. The DireWolves didn’t quit, and attempted a comeback in the 9th against Kevin Walker, who gave up a 3 run Home Run to Gus Harrison. Hal Garrett came in to get the final out with a resoungding K to Aron Weston.

Game 2 was all about DireWolves starter Dan Chergey. He spread out 6 hits over 8 innings with 7 strikes outs, and didn’t allow any walks. The Gold Sox seemed off balance against Chergey all night. Meanwhile Yfrain Linares, who missed 4 months of the season with a torn back muscle, allowed 3 runs, including a solo Home Run to Eric Chavez. Chavez would later turn himself making a throw. The DireWolves take the game 3 to 1 and head to New Orleans with a split.

Playoff Matchups Now Set as Fire, Crickets and Gold Sox Crowned

The 2002 Union Cup Playoffs are now set as the Phoenix Fire, Columbus Crickets and New Orleans Gold Sox all emerged as Division Winners this week. With the DireWolves having wrapped up their division a week prior, this means that the 2002 Chase for the Cup will feature both last year’s defending Champions in the Gold Sox, the defending Players League Champions in the Crickets and two newcomers in both the DireWolves and the Fire.

Both the Fire and DireWolves are first time Division Champions, while the Crickets and Gold Sox are the Sophmores. Before 2001, neither team had won their division.

DireWolves Heading to Union Cup Playoffs!

The San Antonio DireWolves celebrated their first Federal League West Championship this week after defeating the New Orleans GoldSox in New Orleans. After Chris Russ recorded the final out, he was mobbed by teammates as the DireWolves celebrated on the field.

“This is a special moment in our history. Our first Division Championship. It’s a great night to be a DireWolves fan!” said team owner Jose A. Leon Asensio. “I know the fans here haven’t been happy about our plans to move the team out of the city, but I can’t think of a better way to end this season than holding the Union Cup high for all of them!”

Asensio is hated with a passion in San Antonio, as he has made no secret of his plans to move the team to San Juan, Puerto Rico. He’s moved forward with constuction of a new ballpark, and hopes to have approval to move to the Dominican Repubic by the end of the season.

DireWolves Get Enochs from Vipers


Vipers Pitcher Chris Enochs has been Traded to the DireWolves
Vipers Pitcher Chris Enochs has been Traded to the DireWolves

The San Antonio DireWolves have traded for Pitcher Chris Enochs. Enochs, 26, is 3-3 with a 4.48 ERA in 64.1 innings. He has mostly worked as a reliever for the Vipers, making one start before being moved to the Bullpen. Enoches was drafted with the 6th pick of the 1997 ULB Draft by the Vipers. He was a starter for the Vipers in 1999 and 2000, and is 17-37 lifetime.

In Return, the Vipers will aquire two players, Outfielder Freddy Booth and Third Baseman Wilton Veras. Freddy Booth, 24, has split time between San Antonio and AAA Bellingham this year. With the DireWovles, he is hitting .185 with 15 hits in 27 games in the bigs. With Bellingham, he is hitting .280 with 9 HR in 54 games. He was ranked the #27 Prospect in the ULB in 2001, but fell off the list heading into 2002.  Veras, 24, had a cup of coffee earlier in the season with the Vipers, with 2 at bats and 1 hit in 2 games. At AAA Bellingham, he is hitting .344 with 9 HR and 33 RBI in 57 games.

Thome, Edmonds, Bonds Headline 2002 Trade Deadline Talks

Thome is hitting .282 with 23 HR this season


The ULB enters into the final 4 weeks before the Trade Deadline today, and it could be an interested few weeks. The San Jose Jedi have put 1B/DH Jim Thome on the trade block, as well as OF Haywood Cook, as they are likely considering their season all but over. The Oklahoma City RedHawks continue to shop OF Jim Edmonds as they continue to build for the future. The Apollos were looking to deal OF Barry Bonds early in the season, but one has to wonder if they would still consider moving him considering they are now in the thick of things in the PL East.

The buyers this season would appear to be the Crickets, Apollos, Fire and Canucks in the Players League, with Milwaukee a question mark. In the Federal League, the Gold Sox and Generals are neck and neck, and the DireWolves lead the Pioneers by 3 games. The Giants could be considered a dark horse, and one wonders if Ryan Huff can survive another offseason without a championship with the Donald breathing down his neck.

Pioneers’ Kieth, Generals’ Walker added to ASG Rosters

The Generals’ Larry Walker will replace injured OF Andruw Jones

The Commissioner has replaced two injured players for the Federal League’s starting lineup. Portland’s Ryan Keith will replaced the injured Gold Sox DH Warren Morris and the Generals Larry Walker will get the nod in front of his home town crowd in place of injured DireWolves outfielder Andruw Jones.

2002 ULB All Star Game Starters Revealed

The 2002 ULB ASG will be played in Washington, DC on the 4th of July.

The starters for the 2002 ULB All Star Game have been revealed. The game will take place July 4th, 2002 at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.


Federal League

DH Warren Morris (NO)*

C Mark Osbourne (HOL)

1B Manno Wickey (NO)

2B Mike Peeples (SA)

3B Eric Chavez (SA)

SS Oscar Campos (SLC)

OF Chris Sawyer (SA)

OF Andruw Jones (SA)*

OF Gary Sheffield (SLC)

SP Kris Benson (BUF)

RP Kevin Smith (JC)
Players League

DH Barry Bonds (HOU)

C A.J. Pierzynski (COL)

1B Kenneth Payne (PHO)

2B D’Angelo Jimenez (BOS)

3B Aubrey Huff (LV)

SS Jun Yamada (COL)

OF Shannon Carter (VAN)

OF Jason Harrison (COL)

OF Ichiro Suzuki (VAN)

SP Mike Mussina (VAN)

RP Eric Glaser (PHO)
* Injured, Will Not Play

Federal League 2002 All Star Game Voting Update #2

The 2002 ULB ASG will be played in Washington, DC on the 4th of July.

With the All Star Game looming ever closer, today we reveal the current voting leaders for the Federal League. Several races are tight, and it’s noteworthy that the DireWolves have 4 starters, though Andruw Jones is doubtful, as he’s recovering from a sprained knee and is unlikely to play. The Pioneers have no leaders for the first time since the league started, but Ryan Keith is behind Warren Morris by only a few votes, despite having a so-so season thus far. The Generals’ Clyde Williams has fallen behind Manno Wickey, but both him and 3B Lou Merloni remain in the race. Salt Lake City’s Brent Butler trails Mike Peeples slightly as well, and Bill Mueller is chasing Eric Chavez’s coattails at the moment. With under a week left to vote, it will be up to the fans to decide the final fate of several All Stars.

Current Leaders:

DH Warren Morris (NO)

C Mark Osbourne (HOL)

1B Manno Wickey (NO)

2B Mike Peeples (SA)

3B Eric Chavez (SA)

SS Oscar Campos (SLC)

OF Chris Sawyer (SA)

OF Andruw Jones (SA)

OF Gary Sheffield (SLC)

SP Kris Benson (BUF)

RP Kevin Smith (JC)