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Washington Nets #1 Overall Pick

The Washington Senators have netted the #1 overall pick in the 2008 ULB Draft Lottery. The Senators will have the first selection for the first time in team history, despite finishing in the bottom of the standing for well over a decade. The Senators .408 winning percentage is the worst in ULB History thus far, but returning GM Josh Allenberg is looking to change that.

Allenberg reportedly called the Senators ‘a stinking mess’ and that he had work to do to fix things in Washington. Allenberg said that like Presidental Canidate Barrack Obama, he is looking to bring ‘Hope and Change’ to the Senators organization.

The #2 pick in the draft will go to the Milwaukee Brewers and the #3 pick will belong to the Phoenix Fire.

Generals Hire Allenberg as GM

The Washington Generals have hired a new General Manager. Well, actually, they re-hired an old General Manager. The Generals introduced Joshua Allenberg to the media today after letting Kyle Johsnon go after a 21-28 start to the season. Allenberg was the first Generals GM in team history, and led the club to a 65-89 record in 1995. In 1996, Allenberg was dismissed after a 50-104 season, which continues to stand as the 4th worst overall finish in league history.

Allenberg served as the head of the ULBPA from 1996-2002.
Allenberg served as the head of the ULBPA from 1996-2002.

Generals Owner Ted J. Leonsis never knew Allenberg when he was briefly the GM of the Generals. He didn’t buy the club until years later from the estate of deceased owner George Soros. But he did have interactions with Allenberg when he led the ULB Players Association from 1996 until 2002.

“He was a tough son of a bitch. I respected him for that. That kind of toughness is exactly what we need in this front office. I think Allenberg brings that in spades. I told him I want to see a winner. He told me ‘I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.’ So I’m calling him Bad News Allenberg now.”

The Generals have never had a winning season. Allenberg was replaced by Remo Suurkivi, who tried in vain to build a winner in the nations capital stepping down in frustration in 2004. Since then, The Generals have appeared to have an open door policy, replacing GM after GM for the last three seasons. Perhaps Allenberg is the answer. After all, he did manage to last two full seasons before being canned last time.

ULBPA comes to Agreement with ULB

ULBPA President Josh Allenberg *poot*
ULBPA President Josh Allenberg agrees to New Deal

The Union League Baseball Players Association has come to an agreement with the ULB, agreeing to compromise on a new deal. The only major addition is the ability of the ULBPA to opt out of the deal at the end of the 2002 season.

Allenberg and Vincent met behind closed doors for several hours before the deal, and Allenberg said that the ULBPA is pleased with the deal. The reason for the ULBPA being able to opt out is because the ULB and MLB Players Associations may combine in the offseason. The ULB and MLB have had better relations in the last two years, and have discussed having both of the Leagues champions meet in a Champion vs Champion Series.

“With the possible merger pending, we wanted to keep our options open, and the draft that was sent to the ULB Commissioners Office did not include this provision. Luckily, everything worked out without any major issues.”

Vincent: Ball is in Allenberg’s Hands

Commissioner Vincent: ‘Nothing to see here, move along.’

With the Owners currently voting on the new ULBPA Labor Agreement, Fay Vincent took time to talk to reporters about the issues surrounding the agreement. ULBPA President Josh Allenberg’s recent comments about the ULBPA have suggested that the Players will not agree to the new Contract, but Vincent says he is not worried about a possible strike.

“I think we’ve seen the effects that can have. Right now, everything is in Allenberg’s hands. We’ve never had a situation like this, but I’m certain we can get it resolved. We’ll sit down and talk, and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

ULBPA and ULB Owners have difference of Opinion on new Contract

ULBPA President Josh Allenberg
ULBPA President Josh Allenberg denies sending Labor Agreement

ULBPA President Josh Allenberg and the ULB Owners are in dispute over the new Labor Agreement that was recently put forth to ULB Owners for approval. Allenberg told reporters that he never OK’d the deal, while Fay Vincent and the ULB Owners say that if he never agreed to it, it should never have arrived on Vincent’s desk.

“We’ve had discussions for months, and all of a sudden, Allenberg claims the Players Association never agreed to it? Sounds fishy to me.” commented one Players League Ownership Representive who asked that he not be named because he was not authorized to comment.

If the ULB Owners and the ULBPA cannot come to a deal, the 2002 season may be in trouble.

“It’s late in the year, we’re just a few weeks from Pitchers and Catchers arriving at Spring Training. This is a big concern for all of us.”

Donald Trump said that he was glad that the ULBPA is now objecting to the new deal, saying that “It was a rotten deal anyway. I voted NO. Perhaps they should fire their President and then we can get a new deal done.”

MLBPA, NPBPA, and ULBPA Considering Merger

Report: MLBPA, NPBPA, and ULBPA Considering Merger
Special to New York Times
21 September, 1997

The Apollos Chuck Knoblauch is the ULB Players Union Players Representative.
The Apollos Chuck Knoblauch is the ULB Players Union Players Representative.

NEW YORK – MLBPA President Donald Fehr and ULBPA,
presently headed by Houston Apollos 2B Chuck Knoblauch,
have announced they have begun discussions to merge
the two top level major league players associations in the
United States, along with the Japanese professional baseball
players union into what is being termed the International
Professional Baseball Players Union.

Unlike their American counterparts, the Nippon
Professional Baseball Players Union is a relatively
weak union, with roster rules and compensation
levels not nearly equal to those in the MLB or ULB.
For example, players must have nine years of
service in Japan to become a free agent. The
arbitration procedure in Japan is a farce, with
determinations almost always favoring team

Former Washington Generals owner Josh Allenberg,
who left the team in 1996 to become Secretary of
Labor in the Clinton administration, is reportedly
involved in the process, and anonymous sources
have reported that he is considering leaving his post
to become the president of the proposed super union.
At present, all calls to Secretary Allenberg’s office
have not been returned.

Neither Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan H.
“Bud” Selig nor Union Baseball League Commissioner
Fay Vincent  offered to comment when informed
of the development.

Soros and Allenberg Hold Closed Door Meeting


George Soros and Josh Allenberg held a closed door meeting with the entire team today. Commissioner Vincent had just handed down an 8 game suspension to The Generals’ John Duffy for hitting the Wolves Reggie Stewart. The incident occurred after a Matt King Home Run in which King pointed to Duffy and blew him a kiss during his home run trot. Duffy was clearly angry and after three close balls that nearly hit Stewart, Duffy hit him in the head. Stewart charged the mound, but was tackled by Carlos Moto after just two punches were thrown. Duffy fell to the ground after beeing punched in the head, but was up a few seconds after just as Mota got off Stewarts back. Duffy then kicked the prone Stewart in his groin as both benches cleared.

Generals GM Josh Allenberg reportedly berated his team in the locker room.
Generals GM Josh Allenberg reportedly berated his team in the locker room.

Neither Soros or Allenberg commented to the media, but the conversation clearly had the team’s recent mean streak as the main talking point. The fight between Stewart and Duffy occurred just days after another bench clearing brawl that resulted in 10 game suspensions for Rob Cordemans and the Bees’ Keith Lockhart. The suspensions leave the Generals down 2 of their starting pitchers.

Vincent has said that the recent violence during ULB games is a disturbing trend.