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Gotta Be In It…

What is fair market value for a superstar these days? Over the last few seasons, the Las Vegas Vipers have gone out to get two big free agents on the open market. They gave Ryan Anderson a record contract, and signed Adam Shorsher to another big deal last season.

Combined with Ichiro Suzuki (Perhaps the best player in the ULB, mind you…) they have a combined 93,670,000 tied up in these three players.

According to WAR (Wins Above Replacement), Shorsher was worth 6 wins above a replacement player. Ryan Anderson was worth 8.8. Ichiro, had he played a full season and not gotten injured, could have been worth 6. (He was worth 3.0 in 82 games.) That’s a combined 21 WAR for these three players. That’s $4,460,476 per win.

We’ll use that number as an extremely expensive baseline.

David Zed was worth 4.8 wins last season over in the MLB. Free Agent Market Value according to the Vipers would have been $22,302,380. Looks like the Mavs overpaid him by about $5,000,000. How about Jim Thome? He was worth 7.7 WAR last season for the Blue Jays and was worth $34,345,665. Looks like the Fire got a potential bargain for him, paying him about half of what he’s worth potentially.

Of course, these numbers aren’t a guarantee that a player will perform. They could get old (Thome) or skyrocket to superstardom (Zed). The key factor is that no one can really predict the future. Anything can and will happen. The Vipers rolled the dice and spent big and ending up losing 89 games last season. The Fire lost 101 games in 2009 and the Mavs have had two losing seasons after ending up in the plus column for 13 years.

Trade Deadline Rumblings

The Trade Deadline approaches in the ULB, and several big names are potentially on the move.

Portland continues to shop SP Roy Halladay, and have had discussions with at least one team has proposed a deal that Portland is considering.

Phoenix has not had any bites on either 1B/SH Kenneth Payne who has recently returned from the Disabled List, or for CL Brad Lidge who has 17 Saves and a 1.66 ERA.

The Saints are looking hard at acquiring New Mexico's Joe Mauer.
The Saints are looking hard at acquiring New Mexico’s Joe Mauer.

The St. Paul Saints have been very active in Ace Cooan’s early days as General Manager. They are shopping SS Abraham Nunez and have reportedly proposed a swap of home town prospect C Joe Busch Jr for a home town star in New Mexico’s C Joe Mauer.

When asked about it, Busch was non committal, saying “”I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Saints also reportedly covet Buffalo prospect SS Tim Beckham and have made inquires about his availability.

New Orleans’ C Tom Brady also remains on the block, but teams are concerned about his lack of production this season, despite his making the FL All Star Team.

Teams have until Midnight EST on Sunday, August 9th, 2009 to make non waiver trades. (Wendesday September 17th, 7:30PM EST)

Halladay Improves Trade Value With Solid Start

Portland Mavericks starter Roy Halladay made his 3rd start last night, and by all accounts, improved his trade value with a solid effort that showed that he is still capable of dominating the league. Halladay improved to 1-1 on the season and went 8 innings with 7 strike outs while allowing the Buffalo Blizzard just 6 hits in a 3-0 shutout.

Halladay missed time in 2008 with a sprained ankle, but seemed to be be poised to resume his domination of the ULB in 2009 before he was shut down in spring training with shoulder inflammation. Halladay missed nearly 3 months, and made 2 minor league rehab assignment starts before rejoining the big league club. He showed rust in his first two starts of the season allowing 6 runs and 9 hits against Columbus on June 25th. His next start came against the San Juan Storm, and Halladay again struggled, allowing 8 hits and 7 earned runs (plus one unearned) while walking 3.

Halladay will have at least 4 more starts before the Trade Deadline to continue to improve his trade value. He is owed roughly 11 Million for the rest of the season at this point, and will become a free agent at the end of the year. Halladay had a vesting option for 2010, but will not be able to meet the requirements for it to vest. The three time Nolan Ryan Award winner will most likely end up playing for another contender before the Trade Deadline, as the Mavs continue to shop their veteran players despite being 48-42 where they currently hold the 2nd Wild Card Federal League Playoff slot.