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Orestes Kindelan Elected to ULB Hall of Fame

Kindelan was one of the biggest stars in the early years of the ULB.
Kindelan was one of the biggest stars in the early years of the ULB.

Orestes Kindelan has been elected to the ULB Hall of Fame in his 3rd year of eligibility. He was selected with 76.2% of the vote and named on 15 ballots.

Orestes Kindelán represented Cuba in two Olympic Games. In 1992, he hit .344 while playing left field. In the 1994 Baseball World Cup, Kindelan hit .412/.543/1.000 with 6 homers, 14 runs and 16 RBI in 10 games. When the ULB came into exsitence, Kindelan jumped at the chance to make his mark in the new league.

He was selected with the 1st overall pick of the inaugural ULB draft in 1995 by the Hollywood Stars and then General Manager Marlon Trigg Sr. “El Canon de Dos Rios” would make his mark on the early history of the league, hitting .368 with 44 HR and 117 RBI in 1995 for the Stars. He would lead the Stars to the Federal League Cup, but his Stars would fall victim to the New Jersey Giants. Kindelan would hit .235 in that series with just 4 hits, 2 doubles, a single and a home run in five games.

His 1995 season was honored with the Federal League 1995 MVP Award. Kindelan would go on to play in 810 games, all but 32 with the Hollywood/Los Angeles Stars. He was elected to 4 All Star Games, 3 times a Starter (1995, 1996 and 1998) Kindelan debuted in the ULB at the age of 30 and played only 9 seasons.  He tallied 218 home runs, 572 runs batted in and 949 hits in his career with the Stars and Phoenix Fire, and has a lifetime batting average of .309 in the ULB.

Kindelan was a ready made star for the fledgling ULB, and his immediate impact was shown early in the league. He was one of the biggest stars to come out of the inaugural draft, and while his career numbers will eventually be eclipsed as the league continues, his early impact on the history of the ULB will not be forgotten.

Trailing Kindelan were Larry Walker (52.4%) and Darryl Brinkley (42.9%).

Orestes Kindelan’s Career Statistics
Regular 810 3071 949 144 10 218 572 578 319 24 12 35 599 4 1 3461 .309 .375 .575 .950 .401
Postseason 5 17 4 2 0 1 3 3 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 22 .235 .409 .529 .939 .406

ULB Trade Deadline Approaches

Could OKC's Jose Vidro be moved before deadline?
Could OKC’s Jose Vidro be moved before deadline?

The ULB’s Trade Deadline is now just over a month away. While the season has already seen some trade activity, with Adam Dunn moving to the Apollos from division rival Boston, and Matt White traded to Columbus, there could still be a blockbuster or two in the works. Oklahoma City has made it known that they would consider trading All Star third baseman Jose Vidro for the right price. Teams like Boston could be convinced to move parts like Curt Schilling and Bobby Abreu, as they move into an obvious rebuilding mode.

The Los Angeles Stars have some players on the books that might not be returning in 2004, like third baseman Brian Heigle, Wilson Alvarez and former MVP Orestes Kindelan. Kindelan might be a shell of his former self, but he’s made it known that he would like a chance at winning the Union Cup, even if it means riding the bench.

Another player that could attract serios attention is the Washington Generals’ Larry Walker. Walker has been moved to the DH role for the Generals, but he is 36 now and has two years remaining on his contract. The Generals have a lot of pitching talent coming up through the minors to join their young staff, but one wonders if Walker will still be part of the plans when it finally all starts to come together.

And then there is Vancouver. The Canucks have a trio of stars in Mike Mussina, Ichiro Suzuki and Shannon Carter on their books. Ichiro is in his walk year. Mussina has one more year left on his contract. Shannon Carter is still under team control for two more seasons. And let’s not forget Darryl Brinkley and Angel Delgado who are both in their walk years as well. On the whole, the Canucks remain a mystery, with much of the speculation being on if they can resign Ichiro to a new deal. If that is not a possibility  look for them to maybe conduct a firesale in the coming month.

Kindelan to RedHawks?

Could Kindelan be heading to OKC?

Orestes Kindelan might have a new home by the end of the day. With hopes for his continued presense in Hollywood diminishing by the moment, the RedHawks have emerged as a possible landing spot for him. ESPN is reporting that the RedHawks would be open to taking Kindelan if he is complemented by a 2003 pick or some type of a prospect package. No word on if trade talks are ongoing, with everyone in Hollywood’s front offices currently behind closed doors. None the less, there is rampant speculation on Kindelan’s future.

Did Orestes Kindelan Ask For Trade?

Kindelan hit 54 Home Runs in 1998.

Reports have surfaced that Hollywood Stars Outfielder Orestes Kindelan may have asked management for a trade to a contender. One of the early Stars of the ULB, Kindelan was the 1st overall pick in the 1995 Inaugural Draft. Injuries have limited him to limited playing time in the last few seasons, but the Cuban slugger is still one of the bigger stars in the ULB, and his jersey still ranks among the top sellers in the league. He has 210 career home runs, and a lifetime .31t batting average.

“I still think I can provide a team with a chance to win everyday.”

Kindelan would likely be used as a DH by any team that would be interested, and he has lost a few steps in the outfield. He could also play First Base is called upon. He has reportedly passed through waivers, and has been designated by the team for assignment. He has told the Stars he would refuse an assignment to the minors, leaving them with little choice but to trade him, release him, or put him back on the Main Roster.

1999 ULB All Star Voting Update


All Star Voting is in full swing in the ULB, and there are a few surprises thus far. While voting is still in the early stages, Fans from Vancouver and Jersey City have stuffed the voting box thus far. Vancouver has 4 leaders, while Jersey City has five. Pedro Astacio is riding a fan campaign to get him to start the game, and he currently has a narrow lead over Salt Lake City’s Roger Clemens. In the PL, BJ Wallace maintains a slight edge over Phoenix’s undefeated Pedro Luis Lazo. Ray Rice is looking to dethrone 3 time All Star Jamie Taylor. 1996 ASG MVP Michael Jordan finds himself in an odd place, not leading in voting, perhaps due to a switch to the DH spot in the Crickets lineup.

Players League

  • C Ivan Rodriguez, VAN
  • 1B Frank Thomas, BOS
  • 2B Lonnie Goldberg, BRO
  • 3B Dave Konigsmark, PHO
  • SS Ed Renteria, VAN
  • OF Ichiro Suzuki, VAN
  • OF Wayne Edwards, BRO
  • OF James Harrison, COL
  • DH David Justice, VAN
  • SP B.J. Wallace, SJ
  • RP Pedro Borbon Jr., BRO

Federal League

  • C Mike Piazza, HOL
  • 1B Darren Doucette, JC
  • 2B Mike Peeples, SA
  • 3B Ray Rice, JC
  • SS Nomar Garciaparra, NO
  • OF Felix Vega, JC
  • OF Mark Merchant, JC
  • OF Orestes Kindelan, HOL
  • DH Ryan Keith, POR
  • SP Pedro Astacio, POR
  • RP Jim Brantley, JC

Kindelan Looking towards Future?


GM Trigg Hasn't made effort to resign Stars' Kindelan
GM Trigg Hasn’t made effort to resign Stars’ Kindelan

Is Orestes Kindelan willing to resign with the Hollywood Stars? While the 30 year old Cuban slugger did miss nearly a month of the season with a sprained ankle, he’s since come back and has continued to dominate league pitching. Kindelan is also reportedly demanding a large contract in order to remain in Hollywood. GM Marlon Trigg Sr. has remained mum on Kindelan’s future with the franchise. Reports indicate the two sides have had very little contact since the season began.

“They haven’t talked.” was the general word out of the Stars organization. Trigg himself was unavailable to speak to the media, since he’s been on a pleasure cruise for most of the season. This begs the question are the Stars willing to let Kindelan walk? Is Trigg coasting on fumes, and what does Owner Bill Gates have to say about the Stars GM’s lackadaisical command style thus far?

Kindelan is sure to command a large payday, however,in their month without him they proved they could win games without him. Kindelan will surely command an extravagant amount on the free agent market if Trigg lets him walk. With teams fighting over Kindelan, the Stars could potentially sign some of the other big ticket Free Agents that could potentially be on the market such as Jim Thome, Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez or… Trigg’s potential #1 target Mike Piazza. Of course, the MLB will also be a factor in next years Free Agent Market, and it will be Trigg’s first test against the big boys of the MLB. The Stars play in one of the toughest markets in baseball with the Dodgers, Angels, A’s, Padres, Giants and the ULB’s San Jose Jedi nearby.

Trigg also has a hated Rival in the Washington Generals GM Josh Allenberg who will likely be looking to make Trigg pay dearly for the players he values most.

One way or the other, Trigg will have his work cut out for him this offseason, if he ever returns from his four month long pleasure cruise, that is.

ULB Most Popular Jerseys Data Released

The ULB has released sales data from the first 2 months of sales, and some of the results are suprising. Bo Jackson leads all sales, while former Bulls star Michael Jordan continues a torid pace. Two ULB born stars in Aguilar and Brinkley are also in the top five, while Houston Mark Leiter finishes out the list.

Fernandomania has made a comeback in the ULB in 1995.
Fernando-mania has made a comeback in the ULB in 1995.

“Certainly, Aquilar and Brinkley are helped a bit by their large markets. But it’s really helping the league by having select jerseys sold at all team stores. Currently, the Jordan jersey is one of the leading sellers at 13 of the 16 team stores in the league.”

The sales list does not include jerseys and team t-shirts sold by mail or through Nike (Portland Jersey’s only) Adidas, or Foot Locker.

1. Bo Jackson – SJ
2. Michael Jordan – COL
3. Enrique Aguilar – HOL
4. Darryl Brinkley – BOS
5. Mark Leiter – HOU
6. Larry Walker – WAS
7. Orel Hershiser – POR
8. Brett Butler – SLC
9. Dale Murphy – NO
10. Steven Ferrante – BRO
11. Orestes Kindelan – HOL
12. Nolan Ryan, SJ
13. Rich Gossage, COL
14. Fernando Valenzuela – HOU
15. Mitch Williams, NJ
16. Bob Tewksbury – LV
17. Kyle Billingsly – BUF
18. Koji Akiyama – PHO
19. Kenneth Payne – HOL
20. Brian Constandas – VAN