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Big Signings Highlight X-Mas Week in ULB

Trade Deadline Rumblings

The Trade Deadline approaches in the ULB, and several big names are potentially on the move.

Portland continues to shop SP Roy Halladay, and have had discussions with at least one team has proposed a deal that Portland is considering.

Phoenix has not had any bites on either 1B/SH Kenneth Payne who has recently returned from the Disabled List, or for CL Brad Lidge who has 17 Saves and a 1.66 ERA.

The Saints are looking hard at acquiring New Mexico's Joe Mauer.
The Saints are looking hard at acquiring New Mexico’s Joe Mauer.

The St. Paul Saints have been very active in Ace Cooan’s early days as General Manager. They are shopping SS Abraham Nunez and have reportedly proposed a swap of home town prospect C Joe Busch Jr for a home town star in New Mexico’s C Joe Mauer.

When asked about it, Busch was non committal, saying “”I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Saints also reportedly covet Buffalo prospect SS Tim Beckham and have made inquires about his availability.

New Orleans’ C Tom Brady also remains on the block, but teams are concerned about his lack of production this season, despite his making the FL All Star Team.

Teams have until Midnight EST on Sunday, August 9th, 2009 to make non waiver trades. (Wendesday September 17th, 7:30PM EST)

Push For The Union Cup Playoffs Begins

The ULB has entered the month of August, and we are now just 57 days away from the end of the 2007 regular season. The trade deadline has passed, and while teams may still be able to acquire players through waivers, rosters appear to be set for the time being. The Players League has one of the tightest races in recent memory right now, with the St. Paul Saints leading the division.

Nelson Gil Santovenia is 15-3 this season and looking to lead the Jedi to the Playoffs.
Nelson Gil Santovenia is 15-3 this season and looking to lead the Jedi to the Playoffs.

The San Jose Jedi are just 1.5 games behind them in the standings, and the Las Vegas Vipers are 2.5 games behind the Saints. All three of them could be heading to the playoffs, with Oklahoma City a distant dark horse in the playoff race at 5 games back.

Currently, the Charlotte Eagles remain in 1st place in the PL Eastern Division, with the Milwaukee Brewers nipping at their heels, 6 games back. The Eagles just lost 4 time All Star Gus Harrison to a fractured knee that will end his season, and reportedly has Eagles management panicking behind the scenes. The club was active at the trade deadline, adding Tagg Bozied and Robb Nen to their roster.

Both the Brewers and Eagles are aiming for their first playoff spot. The Brewers have not made the playoffs since joining the league in 2001, and the Eagles are looking to become the next expansion team to join the postseason club. Of the four expansion teams in league history, only the Oklahoma City RedHawks have made it to the postseason, leaving the Brewers, Eagles and New Mexico Suns in the dust.

Over in the Federal League, the Jersey City Giants are once again the Kings of the Eastern Division, but the reborn New Orleans Pelicans are taking flight and nipping at their heels at 3.5 games back. The Los Angeles Stars are leading the Western Division. If they both manage to hold on to their divisions, it would mark the first time since 1995 that both the Stars and Giants won their respective divisions. In 1995, they were the New Jersey Giants and the Hollywood Stars, and the Giants would go on to lose the Union Cup to the Vancouver Canucks, who are now the St. Paul Saints.

The Stars have the Salt Lake City Bees looking to make sure this does not happen, and they trail Los Angeles by 3.5 games in the West. Both the Bees and Pelicans are holding on to the Wild Card spots at the moment. The Portland Mavericks and the 2007 Union Cup Champion Buffalo Blizzard are trailing in the Wild Card standings, 3 and 3.5 games back respectively.

With just two months to go, who will be heading to the postseason? Time will tell.

Weekly Highlights: Opening Week

Daylan Holt has started the year off on a hot Streak.
Daylan Holt has started the year off on a hot Streak.

The 2005 Union League Baseball Season is now underway, and already there are a few surprises. One is New Mexico, who have gone 4-0 to start the season off. They swept the Salt Lake City Bees in a two game set to open the season, and have taken the first two games against the defending Champions, the San Juan Storm. They will face the Storm for two more games to start the second week of the season off.

Lets also give some facetime to Daylan Holt of the Buffalo Blizzard, who has started the year off on a hot streak. He’s hit .615 with 3 Home Runs and been named the Player of the Game all three games as the Blizzard start off 3-0.

Boston’s Christopher Ainsworth has already pitched two gems this season, both shutouts. One was against Charlotte Eagles and the other came against the Oklahoma City RedHawks. He has allowed just three hits in both games for the 3-2 Colonials.

New Mexico Suns and Charlotte Eagles Uniforms Unveiled

New Mexico Suns Uniforms
New Mexico Suns Uniforms

The Uniforms for the next generation of ULB teams was unveiled today, as the league showed off the Uniforms for the New Mexico Suns and Charlotte Eagles. New Mexico will join the Federal League Western Division next season, while the Charlotte Suns will play in the Players League Eastern Division. As Part of the expansion plans, the San Juan Storm will move to the Federal League East, and the Houston Apollos will switch leagues, moving from the Players League Eastern Divison to the Federal League Western Division.

The Upcoming Expansion will allow the ULB to futher cement itself into areas without a ULB or MLB franchise. The ULB considered several areas, including a few areas with close knit ties to MLB franchises, but ultimately decided on Charlotte and Albuquerque due to both demand, and in the case of New Mexico, large tax incentives. Charlotte’s ownership group is headed by former Columbus Crickets Outfielder and former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, who was unable to get the ULB to consider Chicago as an option. However, Jordan has ties to the Charlotte Area, as he is a former Tar Heel and began his sporting career in North Carolina.

Charlotte Eagles Uniforms
Charlotte Eagles Uniforms

Jordan is said to be excited about the prospect of beginning the next phase of his sports career as an Owner, and is said to be courting several General Managers to guide the Eagles as they begin their first season. New Mexico’s team is headed by George J. Maloof Jr, though he will reportedly name a CEO to run the day to day operations of the Franchise.