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Letter From Las Vegas Vipers Owner

To all the great Las Vegas Viper fans,

First off I want to thank all of the wonderful fans of the Las Vegas Vipers and your continued support of the Vipers.  Now I know since I started this team we have had some rough seasons and I just want to let you know that I feel the same as you.  I am SICK OF IT!  I hate losing!  When I started this team I wanted to bring Las Vegas a winner.  So far I have not done that.  I apologize to all Viper fans for not doing that.  Las Vegas deserves a winner and I promise to do my best and bring a winning baseball team to Las Vegas.  GM Travis Tilford has my full support.  When I hired him he was considered one of the greatest up and coming GM’s in all of baseball and I still believe that.  I truly believe he will turn this organization into a winner.

Now another thing I would like to add we(Las Vegas Vipers) will be starting a team blog.  In this blog we plan on covering team news, interviews with players, coaches and much more.  Fan input is always encouraged including the name of the blog.  The Vipers are Las Vegas’ team and we work for the wonderful people of Las Vegas and Viper fans all over the world.  Again I can’t thank you all enough and go Vipers.

Sheldon Adelson

Las Vegas owner

MLB vs ULB In Spring Training This Season

Bush and Vincent Agree to Interleague Spring Training Games

The ULB will meet the MLB in spring training this season, with two days of games between the two Leagues. Commissioners Bush and Vincent agreed to the interleague rivalries due to fan demands and heavy interest in seeing the two leagues face off.

“It’s something we, er, haven’t seen, so you know, the fans want to see it.” said MLB Commissioner Bush.

Fans will get to finally see the ULB and MLB face off on March 25th and 26th. MLB Home games will be broadcast on FOX, and ULB Home games on ABC.

Crickets Heading to Postseason!

SP Mendoza

The Columbus Crickers clinched the Players League Eastern Division and will be heading to the Playoffs for the first time in team history. The Crickets have amassed a 96-50 record thus far, and will face the defending Union Cup Winners, the San Jose Jedi. Both teams currently have the same record. If they both finish the season with the same record, the tie would go to the Jedi, who won the season series 11 games to 6.

Pioneers Heading Back to Playoffs

DH Ryan Keith

The Pioneers will return to the playoffs for the 3rd time in a row this season after clinching the Federal League Western Division. They fell just short last season as the San Jose Jedi defeated them in the Union Cup, 4 games to 1. Perhaps the 3rd time is the charm and this will be the season that the Pioneers win it all. They’ll likely find out who their opponent will be as the Federal League Eastern Divisional race wraps up. New Orleans looks like the favorite at this time, but the Pioneers could put a dent in their lead by sweeping them.

ULB Looking to UPN, ABC and TBS for New Deal


The ULB is in negotiations for it’s next National Television contract. While the ULB is not about to get a sweet deal like the MLB signed with Fox this past season ( Just over 30 Billion over 6 years with FOX), it’s quickly becoming a bidding war as 3 networks look to gain a foothold in the baseball sweepstakes.

ESPN has bowed out early, though they are looking to add both the ULB and MLB to their lineups. Previously, ESPN had an exclusive deal worth $640,000,000 that lasted from 1996 until 2000 with the ULB. They are looking to downgrade to a smaller contract and feature an equal amount of ULB and MLB coverage during the week.

TBS, ABC and UPN, which is rebranding as the Paramount Network, are all looking at the ULB with increased interest. TBS is offering a deal worth $675,000,000 over 3 years. ABC’s offer of 1,170,000,000 over 5 years is currently held in high regard by Vincent and many of the Owners, as it ends at the same time as the MLB’s current deal. UPN is reportedly offering a long term deal worth 2,520,000,000, but this contract is over 10 years and is ironclad.

Under the deals, the ULB would get:

UPN 14,000,000 (10 Years)
ABC 12,500,000 (3 Years)
TBS 13,000,000 (5 Years)

Major League Baseball will no doubt continue to enjoy a money market advantage, as they get roughly $17,000,000 per team thanks to their deal with Fox. It is worth noting that the ULB will finally enjoy Affiliate status, as teams will now be free to sign local market deals. Under the previous contract, local markets were handled through ESPN.

NABL, GBL Afflilations Dissolved by ULB


The North American Baseball League and the Golden Baseball League have been dissolved by the ULB. The ULB has entered into a contract with the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball for the 1999 season.

“A general lack of ticket sales and unappealing stadiums were the main reason given as to why the ULB choose to unaffiliate with both these leagues.”

The NABL and the GBL were founding Minor League Affiliate for the ULB.

The Atlantic League will be comprised of Newark (COL), Long Island (BRO), Bridgeport (NO), Nashua (BUF), Atlantic City (HOL), Camden (HOU), Lehigh Valley (POR) and Somerset (BOS). The ULB is planning to ask the Prairie League to change affiliations for Aberdeen (JC) and Brandon (WAS) to allow Portland and Hollywood to move their minor leagues closer to the West Coast, while allowing Jersey City and Washington to do the same.

“It’s a complicated process, but we’re hopeful to have this finished by the time Spring Training rolls around.”

MLB, ULB meet to discuss future of Free Agency

The commissioners of Union League Baseball and Major League Baseball had a meeting today to discuss the future of Free Agency. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was concerned about the ever increasing exodus of star players to the ULB, and both sides agreed to work towards implementing controls. Both Commissioners discussed the possibility of implementing a Salary Cap in the ULB, pay scales and the length of time before players become eligible for Free Agency. The next step will be meeting with the respective heads of the MLBPA and the ULBPA.

One possible issue could be the contract between the MLBPA and the MLB, which does not expire until 2001. Selig does have unilateral control over increasing the MLB’s salary cap, which he will likely increase to stop teams from being unable to sign pending free agents.

MLBPA, NPBPA, and ULBPA Considering Merger

Report: MLBPA, NPBPA, and ULBPA Considering Merger
Special to New York Times
21 September, 1997

The Apollos Chuck Knoblauch is the ULB Players Union Players Representative.
The Apollos Chuck Knoblauch is the ULB Players Union Players Representative.

NEW YORK – MLBPA President Donald Fehr and ULBPA,
presently headed by Houston Apollos 2B Chuck Knoblauch,
have announced they have begun discussions to merge
the two top level major league players associations in the
United States, along with the Japanese professional baseball
players union into what is being termed the International
Professional Baseball Players Union.

Unlike their American counterparts, the Nippon
Professional Baseball Players Union is a relatively
weak union, with roster rules and compensation
levels not nearly equal to those in the MLB or ULB.
For example, players must have nine years of
service in Japan to become a free agent. The
arbitration procedure in Japan is a farce, with
determinations almost always favoring team

Former Washington Generals owner Josh Allenberg,
who left the team in 1996 to become Secretary of
Labor in the Clinton administration, is reportedly
involved in the process, and anonymous sources
have reported that he is considering leaving his post
to become the president of the proposed super union.
At present, all calls to Secretary Allenberg’s office
have not been returned.

Neither Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan H.
“Bud” Selig nor Union Baseball League Commissioner
Fay Vincent  offered to comment when informed
of the development.